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Setting Up Digital Garden

As part of the whole [[digital garden]] exploration, one big point was how do I publish the thoughts and make them available on the web? For example, as referenced in [[my first note]]. Here are some references that I found online.

I have setup this digital garden with Gatsby, using the theme by Mathieu Dutour. It is heavily inspired by Andy's working notes. Andy's notes is what I intend to explore the most. The source for this is available at GitHub. I also have captured the learning log of my [[Gatsby Experiment on Linux]], which is what worked finally.

A beauty is this was written first in Notion and exported to Obsidian. I like that.

Recently, I also added a slight styling to the wiki -- mainly fixed the blockquotes. Well, Gatsby makes it a lot tricker than I thought. I knew including a custom CSS would be easier. However, getting it added to the header is not. The official styling guide for a Gatsby site didn't help me much. I believe one of the reason for that is I don't understand this platform fully yet. I built something with it without learning it first. I would like to fix that. But with the list of things to learn growing, I need to prioritize better.

Anyway back to adding external CSS to head, this stacktrace discussion is finally what helped me. Here's what I had to do.

  • Create a custom.css with the required styling blocks and add the file to static directory.
  • Create a gatsby-ssr.js file in the root directory and regiatser a setHeadComponents adding a link for the style element.

This was enough to resolve the problem -- so funny it took me so long to arrive at the solution.

A Non-Technical Guide To Set Up Digital Garden With Obsidian For Free

Uses Jekyll, Netlify and Obsidian. Possibly will follow this as part of my wish to get a digital garden setup. This was an easier setup -- I have got a running digital garden in place now. Idea is to explore this and see if this sticks.

One point that did fail was the local setup. My [[experiments with ruby]] aren't going well. Here's what I have written during my experiments.

This language beffudles me. It breaks at so many points, especially versions and dependency management.

It failed again. Some dependency could not be installed and I am sure it has got something to do with some version mismatch between Ruby's version

Another brilliant reference is this - listing down all the possible options - Jekyll (linked above), Eleventy and Gatsby. Gatsby should be tricker. I will explore Jekyll and Eleventy.

How to set up your own digital garden

Gatsby Garden is a brilliant theme, though. No doubt! And I love the Gatsby Andy theme. Should I even go there? It looks to be a complex project. I have no clue how Gatsby works.

A reference for getting started with Gatsby Andy.


Update: I did follow the starter video and tried to setup a gatsby based wiki. It is predominently the theme that inspired me. I wanted to have that. But the experiement failed, again mainly because there is a mismatch between the version of Gatsby that gets installed vs what the theme wants. Neither of the plugins used like the version that exists on my system. [[Versioning in dev]] is a terrible problem to solve.

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Setting Up Digital Garden