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With a blog that gets me to write and this place for quick, short posts, I am rethinking what I want from my website. I am not getting rid of it. It remains my home on the web; it needs to behave differently. I don't want it to be the blog. How are the two different? Those are thoughts for another time.

I recently thought I needed to relook at my website design and took that as a project. This documents what's to be done and the status of the same.

Design Element

  • Minimal homepage with bottom nav bar for the links to blog and notes.
  • Legible, yet unique font -- selected Inter.
  • Fixed nav bar with fading separator
  • Clean single post and page layout. No distractions.
  • No link pages -- no list of posts anywhere.
  • Index of favourite posts on the home page
  • Specific pages with manual selection of posts (for example, fiction).
  • Prominent search and random post option. Possibly in footer.
  • IndieWeb Enabled
  • Low footprint and fast loading


Here's the list of things I have already achieved.

  1. Setup a local Hugo site with a new theme which is committed to GitHub.
  2. Basic theme template with only required elements in head.
  3. Themed the homepage and single page. Carried the 404 over.
  4. Theme the list page to not show lists of posts.
  5. Display search and random post icons on the list page

Links to this note

If this scribble resonated with you in any way, I would love to hear from you. You can email me or browse through my bio to find other ways to connect with me.

Website Restructuring