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Kane and Abel




He had learned two lessons: never gamble when the odds are tipped against you; and always be ready to walk away from a deal once you have reached your limit. (Location 1659)

Wladek watched the bustle in the marketplace as the women bargained for their daily food; that seemed to be one thing that was international. (Location 2478)

Whatever you do, don’t complain or look surprised – that was something else the rich had taught him. (Location 3767)

The slight wind blew her black dress against her body as she stood waiting on the platform, revealing a silhouette that ensured that every man except William would look at her a second time. William’s eyes never left her. (Location 4656)

For William, the weeks went so slowly and yet so quickly, waking each morning and wondering if Matthew would still be alive. (Location 6277)

Funny how one’s judgement is influenced when facing a personal problem, however sound it might be considered when dealing with other people’s. (Location 6507)

Then there was only darkness, death, the stench of death, and worst of all, the hope of death.’ (Location 8214)

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Kane and Abel