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What's top of my mind. Now.

An inspired /now page originally proposed by Derek Sivers, this note holds my thoughts log, presented as a simple bulleted list. I intend to update this frequently, hopefully once a week. I have learnt from experience that if anything is more complicated, I would be unable to keep up.

What Have I Been Focused on?

  • Load the wiki with my [[My Book Notes]] and a few other thoughts on articles. Some may not be directly linked, but available through search.
  • Curbing my excitement for digital sketchnotes. Trying to convince self that I do not have time for this.
  • lot of dev projects. Currently, cultivating my [[digital garden]]. I am moving my notes from all the places into a single location. Both at work and off work. The small wins help.
  • Build my [[productivity system]]. As much as the p-word is hated, I need a process to manage the sheer amount of tasks vying for my attention.
  • I am writing regularly and following a routine of early mornings without fail. I log on to my system every morning and read & write. I am also writing quick short posts around an idea.
  • I am still working from home, but the days look numbered. There is growing discontent among the decision-makers.

Last Updated on 20th November 2022

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What's top of my mind. Now.